From Zack, a recent Briteschool graduate:

I left 'mainstream', school around age 7, as I had problems with bullying and anxiety issues. I was home educated for a few years after that, before joining an online school for secondary education. However they didn't use microphones or whiteboards which made lessons harder to follow, and just less interesting in general. So, I had a lesson demonstration with Briteschool and their online clasroom struck me as much better, with the features that my prior school left out. In addition, the head teacher (Dominic Knowles) was very jovial and accomodating, which is undoubtedly a good attitude for a teacher to have. I have now been with Briteschool for over 3 years, and have just sat my IGCSE exams in 8 subjects (19 papers in total over 3 weeks!), and have a place in September to study the International Baccalaureate at a local college.

I felt the education at Briteschool was very good - the classes were small which allowed for teachers to concentrate on peoples' individual queries and tailor lessons to the students' needs. On the subject of the teachers, they were all very friendly, yet still highly professional in the lessons. They also offered lessons outside of regular school hours for extra subjects, like Spanish or photography. The secondary education also focuses on the IGCSE (I stands for international), which is harder and, thus, a better qualification than the GCSE. I'm still awaiting IGCSE results, but I'm confident that I did well, thanks to Briteschool. The software also aids pupils a lot with revision and homework: you can save copies of all of the whiteboard screens (imagine slides on a powerpoint presentation) to your own computer, as well as a copy of all the text chat that goes on in a lesson. This allows for people to look back on the work they've done in better detail than hand-written notes, as well as store it more conveniently on your hard drive.

There is, of course, no way to bully people through Briteschool, it simply isn't possible, which catered to me perfectly. However, a common room which allows pupils to socialise and make friends outside of lessons is available. And I can assure you that it's possible to make friends through Internet schools - I have stayed in close contact with another student from my very first Internet school for over 4 years, as well as meeting him in real life. The students in Briteschool are all very nice and welcoming to newcomers, people seem to enjoy their time in the school. Plus, there's no school uniform and the commute is simply non-existant. It removes a lot of the stress from education, which helps both children and parents to cope with the experience.

I've really enjoyed my years at Briteschool and have gained a lot from it, and it will definitely be a strong foundation to build my future on.

Zack, 2nd July, 2010.

Footnote: For the seven subjects Zack took at Briteschool, he got four A* and three A grades, his top mark being English (96%), plus an A* for English Literature which he took one-to-one privately with Anne in just one year !


About the Primary School:

"A Week At Briteschool Primary" End of Term Recounts ADDED 12 June 08

      Kevin    Charlie    Emma    Poppy    Isalen    Jennifer


From parents:

Hello, Dom - it's been a long time! We hope your are well and happy (and

DDD's IGCSE results have come through, as follows: English 98% A*
(!!!!!!!), Maths 64% C, History 60% C, Geography 58% D, Sciences 55%/55% D/D
- so, not as bad as I was expecting, considering the very little effort he
put into most subjects! Our thanks again to you and your staff - if your
efforts were anything to go by, those grades should be all A*s, but we are
very grateful to you that he achieved what he did. He will be starting his
chosen Media/Journalism course at the local college next week (again, thanks
to you for fostering his interest in photography with the Wed. p.m. classes
- see att. holiday 'snap' taken in Rome a few days ago), and seems to be
looking forward to it.

He is still in contact with FFF (FFF's Mum - unwisely? - invited him out
to the States for a visit, which he has every intention of taking her up on
next year) and with some of the other students; that is another positive
aspect of having studied with Briteschool: he has a peer-group of fellow
students just like most other youngsters.

We want to let you know that Briteschool really filled a need  for us as we
found ourselves in a situation we hadn't planned for and for which we were
not prepared when DDD came out of school at the beginning of Y8. I know
that DDD was not always the easiest of students(!) but the professionalism
of you and your staff, and the real interest you showed in him, got him (and
us!) through the worst times.
The team you have now seem really good, and all manage to 'project' their
personalities over the mike and so hold the attention of the youngsters at
the other end - not necessarily the same as being a good class teacher, is
Thanks again, Dom - and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well

We'd like to just have a look at the Briteschool homepage now and again
     ...  so rest
assured that, like all the best teachers, you won't be forgotten, even
though we would probably walk right past you in the street!! (Not if we
heard your voice, though.) And, I can now identify a Manchester accent, as
distinct from just plain 'Northern' - how's that for a Southerner??

So......Goodbye for now, and many thanks again for all your hard work,
Helen, Keith and DDD, 31 August 2010


About Dom as an online tutor:

Thanks for all your work with both our children. They have really enjoyed working with you. You have the enviable skill of making lessons fun while really helping the children to learn. There are a lot of online tutors around now but not many who manage to use the medium to such good effect. Good luck for the future.

Feel free to use above as testimonial if you like.

All the best
Jane  2nd October 2006

Testimonials from the parents of present and previous online students of Dom Knowles and of Carole Stuart, who have taught at Interhigh and First College (but not through Accipio, Nisai nor NotSchool):

"XX will miss you sorely; she has enjoyed your teaching enormously. I am grateful to you for showing her that learning can be a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for what you have done for her. We both think that you are a brilliant teacher. We wish you all the very best for the future."

"XX was particularly upset {at Dom's leaving one online school} as she felt she had built a good teacher/pupil relationship with you on line and regarded you as 'the only decent teacher.' "  (Note: I wasn't the only decent teacher !!!!!)

"It's reassuring that XX is keeping up with others her age. Shame you won't be teaching her."

"Sorry to hear you have parted company with YY. We liked the way you were teaching the children and XX enjoyed your class. Good luck with whatever you are moving on to do."

"We were sorry to hear about your departure. XX in particular was very disappointed by it, as you were his favourite teacher."

XX is obviously NOT the same student in each case ! :)




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