Briteschool is the primary school I attend on the internet.

Primary lessons are covered in the afternoons. My Friendly teacher is called Carol and I have five classmates, 3 Girls and 2 Boys, who I chat to in class.

On Monday at 13:30 lessons started with Literacy. We learned how to do a recount taking turns reading from the whiteboard and talking over the microphone. I really enjoyed Literacy.

At 14:30 we had a break for half an hour. I played with my mobile phone and had a snack.

Maths started at 15:00. We learned fractions, place value and number sequencing.

Tuesday afternoon we had Literacy and Maths again.

On Wednesday at 13:30 our Science lesson began and we learned all about Bones and The Human Body.

Then at 15:00 our History subject covered life since 1948. It was very interesting to see how technology and lifestyles had changed since that time.

I really enjoyed my time on BriteSchool because it finished my day of Home Schooling and made me feel like I was part of a classroom with friends.

Emma 20/05/08 Literacy Homework Recount



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