A week at Briteschool


Briteschool Primary is a virtual school which opens Monday to Friday. It is suitable for children that are home educated or out of a school short term.


I am nearly 10 years old and I am in the primary class, my teacher is called Carol. Carol makes all the lessons I have interesting, she very helpful and funny. There are 6 children in my class, so Carol has plenty of time to spend with us all.

Everyday we start school at 1:30pm, which is great because we do not have to rush to get up in morning, when we go to Briteschool we do not have to wear a uniform. The lessons we do are English and Numeracy on Monday and Tuesday then History or Geography and Science on Wednesday some of the things we have covered are book reviews, competitions, World War 2, Henry VIII, mountains and the digestive system. We can also join Spanish, French, photography and Japanese.


You are probably wondering how we do our lessons without leaving the house but still in a class room (I will explain how) we get a username and a password to login to a virtual classroom and a timetable shows what lessons are on today. When you get into your classroom there is a text box so we can type to each other and we also have microphones so we can talk to each other and hear carol and my friend talking. There is a white board which you can draw on but only when you are supposed to. Carol uses PowerPoint presentations.


The people that are at Briteschool are very kind and friendly so if you join you will make new friends like I have. I have friends now in the UK and abroad!


by Poppy, June 2008




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