Fee Schedules in brief


Primary, Secondary, Private Tuition, Evening Classes , Scholarships

Enrollment fee:

48* for full-time courses;  26* for other courses / re-enrolment.


Detailed Fee Calculators (for guidance only, as they sometimes get slightly out-of-date

and figures are entered manually, so you may spot a typo)

Yearly Fee Calculator      Termly Fee Calculator      Monthly Fee Calculator     


Secondary Schooling:

2,325* per year Secondary 1 - 3 (Years 7-9) / Common Entrance.

    775 per term x 3 terms

                                                                        Approximately pro-rata for fewer subjects

2,495* for one year of IGCSE

    850 per term x 3 terms

(IGCSE 6 subjects from - English Language, Maths, Double Science (counts as two subjects), French OR Spanish; Geography OR History)

        Note: courses last 5 terms and one month

10-14 hours per week.                                Approximately pro-rata for fewer subjects


Upper Primary Home Education Support:

1,350* for the full year, 6-hours per week.

    450 per term x 3 terms

8* / hour for Maths (Numeracy) only, 2 hours per week.      


Tuition / extra subjects:

usually no more than 30* / hour one-to-one (depending on age of student and subject)

typically up to 16.50* / hour 2-to-1 ; up to 12.50* / hour 3-to-1 ; 8* / hour otherwise.


Evening Classes:

Courses - fee details on the same page

(typically, 280* for 30-hour professional courses CIM / CIPS, minimum class size 3 students)


*These prices are  VAT-exclusive.  Our turnover does not exceed the VAT threshold, so VAT will not be applied.



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