Briteschool Monthly Fees Calculator

Note: this fees calculator is based on payments over nine months and is for your guidance only - fees are approximately correct,

but may not be completely up to date.  If you wish to pay over ten or more months, or in Euros, see below / please contact us.

Primary (Yr 5/6 ; P5/6 ; K6/7 ; age 9 or 10)    (in some circumstances we will take children who are aged 8 !)

Numeracy            Literacy            Other KS2 Subjects (Hist / Geog / Sci / etc)       

Additional Subjects: French              Spanish

Lower Secondary (Yr 7-9 ; S1-2 ; K8-10 ; age 11-13)

Six Subjects
    English                Maths           Geography / History 

    Science                French          Spanish  
Additional Subjects:      Common Entrance Exam Preparation

IGCSE (Y10/11 ; S4/5 ; K11/12; age 14-16)

Six Subjects (pay for six, get the seventh free - if there are enough students in the "free" class)
    English                  Foundation Maths   OR  Higher Maths     

    Double Science  (or 2 single science subjects)         A third single Science 
    Geography             Spanish or French         Business Studies


A-levels (Y12/13 ; S5/6 ; usually age 16+)

    Pure Maths with Statistics

1-to-1 Subjects (any age, any stage up to IGCSE)

                                                        (depends on teacher availability - exact contact hours and prices negotiated with the teacher direct,

                                                         figures here based on 8 hours per month at GBP 25 / hour; costs could be shared in a small group)

    English or Maths or Geography or History or Single Science or French

    English Literature       German         Portuguese  Business Studies    Other Subjects (on request)


One-off non-refundable Enrolment Fee:  £48.00  (this is not a recurring fee)


Monthly Fees                 Deposit (= One Month's Fees plus Enrolment Fee)

To convert to Euros, multiply by 1.2 (subject to currency exchange rate changes).

To convert to monthly fees over ten months (includes December, but not July and August), multiply this figure by 9/10.

To convert to monthly fees over twelve months (includes December, July and August), multiply this figure by 9/12 (3/4).