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This section of the site contains free resources available for educators to use on a non-commercial basis. 

The main conditions of use are that this page link and / or are quoted in use, and that the resources are NOT modified

Resources in general are not intended for widespread distribution or copying. 

We would prefer that people are referred to this site to acquire their own single copy.


The number of files will grow over time. 

These files have been devised for lessons at Briteschool

(many of which haven't been found easily elsewhere on the internet).

Primary Ideas


Maths updated

   Some sample lessons from Science and Maths here.


Diagnostic Maths Test for students in the age range 10 or 11 to 13

This test is for students in Years 6-8 / Primary 6-Secondary 2.

"Word" Format: (128 k).
Please email if this format does not work for you.

Diagnostic Maths Test for students in the age range 13 to 14

This test is for students in Years 9-10 / Secondary 2nd or 3rd Year

"Word" Format: (145 k) 

Please email if this format does not work for you.

More downloads and diagnostic test links


History / Probability Exercise

Life and Death in Lacedaemon (Sparta).




   Reading Thermometer Scales (pdf) Questions Answers

   Reflection / Refraction (pdf) Diagrams and Experiment

   Interactive Periodic Table

   Interactive Stopwatch  and  Countdown Timer , Countup Timer


   Interactive Kinetic Energy Calculator


   Interactive Wave Generator  (not got a "Slinky" ?  Use this instead).


   How fast do I throw?  Worked example  Questions  Answers


   IGCSE Bonding and Electronic Configuration notes / worksheets (pdf, 1+ hours of work)


   IGCSE Organic Chemistry Revision notes / worksheets (pdf, 2+ hours of work)


   IGCSE Crustaceans presentation by Tegan (student) (pdf, 30 min reading)

    (spot the one mistake in this presentation if you can !)



Digital Photography:


Session 1 "Take That Picture !"

Notes, photographs and assignments (pdf)

(2.4 MB - large PDF file !  May take a couple of minutes to download on some connections)



Computing (ECDL):


Module 4: Spreadsheets checklist

(Accompanying exercises to follow)



Other Useful Utilities:


   Image Size Checker - how big is my image ?

   (Works for .gif, .jpg, .bmp in Internet Explorer only)


More resources will be added gradually, as we devise and use them in our lessons ! 

We may also add an interactive tool that will allow you to "rate" these resources,

so that others can see their usefulness :-)

External Links:

Imagine Logo Creative Classroom - 99 visually-superior examples of Logo Turtle Projects, KS2 full curriculum. 

Windows only, needs a small plug-in

Colour and Movement Illusions

PowerPoint Presentations KS1 - KS4+

TES: Free Resources (you may need to be logged in)



Resources files (linked pages without the Briteschool heading)

are free for individual use so long as they are not modified.

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