Briteschool - Sample Science Lesson Slides




The teachers may present files as easily as clicking on the links which follow, for discussion during the lesson:


Sample files from a Biology IGCSE lesson:

cells1    cells2     cells3    cells4    cells5   cells6    cells7     cells8    cells9    cells10


more parts of Biology lessons FROM EXTERNAL BIOTOPICS WEBSITE:
Heating Penguins Experiment  
      The Effects of Smoking - Worksheet



Sample files from a couple of Physics IGCSE lessons:

Speed, distance, time, acceleration:  P1   P2   P3  P4  P5  P6

D-T graph 5 (discuss)  Distance-time 13 (graph for class discussion)  continues up to

Distance-time 19 (graph for class discussion)


Electricity (annotated slides from a finished lesson): 

S0  S1  S2  S3  S4  S5  S6  S7  S8  S9  S10  S11  S12  S13  S14  S15 

Static Electricity (intro):  S16  S17  S18  S19


Sample annotated files from a completed Chemistry Lower School revision session:

The Periodic Table (intro):  C0  C1  C2  C3  C4 

Metals / Non-Metals:  C5  C6  C7  C8  C9  C10  C11

Changes of State:  C12  C13  C14  C15  C16 

Chromatography (experiment to do at home):  C17  C18  C19



Students may keep a copy of any slides from the lessons for future reference and revision.


Briteschool - Sample Maths Lesson Slides

Sample annotated files from a completed Maths Lower School session (includes some of the students' homework):

Perimeter, Area, Pythagoras:  M0  M1  M2  M3  M4  M5  M6  M7  M8  M9  M10  M11  M12  M13  M14  M15



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