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This page contains links to files available for download.

In the file's link (blue), click to begin downloading.

File sizes are less than 500kb, so should take less than 2 minutes to download on dial-up, a few tens of seconds on broadband.  Note: All file sizes are approximate, download times may vary depending on connection speeds.

  • Other diagnostic tests:


  • 11+ Practice Tests here (external link)

Please PRINT these files, complete under EXAM CONDITIONS, then POST to me at my home address, or scan and email (<1MB, please).

Please note, whilst Dom (Maths) is happy to mark scripts, he will not be happy if he is made to pay for the privilege :-D  If you want feedback, please enclose a return post-paid envelope, or an email address.  If you don't give either of these, the script will not be marked.  Sorry.


Diagnostic Test for students in the age range 10 or 11 to 13

This test is for students in Years 6-8 / Primary 6-Secondary 2.

"Word" Format: (128 k).
Please email if this format does not work for you.

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Diagnostic Test for students in the age range 13 to 14

This test is for students in Years 9-10 / Secondary 2nd or 3rd Year

"Word" Format: (145 k) 

Please email if this format does not work for you.

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Mathematics Attainment Test  (external site, but free and instant)
1 hour online revision and tests useful for Key Stage 4 / GCSE revision, with instant feedback. 

Revision and tests are randomised, so can be used many times. 

Note: give answers in their simplest form (so not 2.6 x 10^3 but 2600, for example).

Diagnostic Tests for Exam Students (students in the age range 14 to 16+)

These links are to the Edexcel IGCSE Maths papers, and are for students intending to sit exams in 2008 or later. 

They are in PDF format (need Adobe Acrobat or similar to open / print).


Foundation Tier: (338 k) (315kb)


Higher Tier:  (445kb)  (422kb)

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