Scholarships at Briteschool

We have two Scholarships available:

1    Spring Term free of education fees at Briteschool

2    25% discount on fees for one year's schooling at Briteschool



Potential Scholars should write why they think they would enrich the life and work of their fellow students and teachers at Briteschool, and why they deserve one of the Scholarships.

They should also state which Scholarship they are applying for (1 or 2), and submit their application by midnight on September 6th 2009.

Persons applying Scholarships should also clearly outline how they intend to remain at Briteschool in academic year 2010-2011 if applying for economic reasons.

The application could be for the student her-/him-self, or on behalf of somebody known by the student (preferably with their knowledge).



Scholarships will be determined by a Scholarship Panel of three teachers and two parents, before September 14th 2009. 

Scholarships will not be given to persons who have family members on the Panel. 

Application letters will be treated in complete confidence.

For Child Protection purposes, we will also require evidence of identity and of residential location - but not until the latter stages of the application.

All applications will be destroyed within 28 days after the original deadline.

Students may choose to have their Scholarship status not advertised within the school - for example, "Scholarship 3 - Anonymous". 

These Scholarships are for one year only, and Scholars are not expected to be awarded Scholarships for subsequent sessions.

These Scholarships may not all be awarded. 


Further notes:

Owing to two applications being received in 2008 without return contact details, we would like to remind applicants to enclose an email contact and telephone number that we may discuss the application, and perhaps request further information to support the case.  We are entirely electronic, so a "snail mail" address would not be sufficient.




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