My Time at Briteschool Primary


Hello my name is Charlie and I am going to tell you about my time at Briteschool and how I think of it.


First on Mondays and Tuesdays we do English and Maths in English we do grammar, stories, poems and reading comprehension. In Maths we do co-ordinates, graphs squared numbers, timeís tables and symmetry.


Then on Wednesdays we do science and History in science we do habitats, the human body, bones, enzymes, quizzes, fun facts, plants, life processes, forces, experiments, cells and the digestive system.


Finally on Wednesdays in History we do WW1, WW2, Changes in technology

(e.g. PS2, cars, game consoles, and aircrafts) and allotments.


I donít regret going to Briteschool as I love it very much and everyone in it is very nice and friendly.



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