By Kevin, 22.05.08


Briteschool is a virtual school where the lessons are almost the same as in all the other schools, but online. We listen and speak to each other using the mic and speaker. We can write or draw and read each other's writing or drawing on the whiteboard and chat box.  



We must be on time to school, like in any other school. At 1:30 starts the first lesson. There are only 6 of us in my class and there is plenty of interaction and participating a lot. The only thing I don't like is that we don't get to do experiments on science.  


Monday and Tuesday we begin with one hour of Literacy. This week we learned about Recounts, which are Chronological reports. We read a Sports Report and talked about it, and also about the fact that a recount has to have an interesting title,  an introduction which sets the scene, a conclusion and also include some 2-3 events in paragraphs organized in chronological order.  


Maths is the second class on Mondays and Tuesdays, and this week we did Problem Solving which everybody loves because it's fun. We all enjoy the numeracy lessons.  We did fractions, and Carol sometimes draws a table on the whiteboard and each of us has to choose 2 questions to answer. Or we work out an answer to the problem together on the whiteboard. I guess we are good, because most of the time we get smiley and stars from Carol and she uses the word excellent pretty often. 


On Wednesday we have Science (my favourite lesson) first, then History.  In Science we learned about the human body. In History we did: "How life has changed since 1948" which turned out to be good fun after a couple of sad WWII History weeks. It was interesting to see how fast the technology changed and evolved after the WWII, and fun to try to guess the time when all the new gadgets were introduced, from radio to TV, iPod  to Game-Boy, Play station, and Wii  and from the first generation of Computers to the Internet and all the Internet revolution.  


We have Spanish on Fridays, 1:30pm to 4:00 pm (London time) with Desmond, who is a great teacher too. This week we learned about clothes and souvenirs from Spain. It is very helpful for us to learn Spanish and Des is very good at teaching it. 


I do like my cyber-school as it's fun and you can learn and interact a lot. Briteschool Primary also leaves me enough time to do sports and do other activities, without missing on learning.       




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