By Jennifer, 22.05.08


Briteschool is a cyber school, that means a virtual school, but all the students and teachers are blood and flesh. We have a lovely teacher Carol, who is very kind, and also lovely students and friends: that's Emma, Charlie, Isalen, Poppy, Kevin and me, Jennifer.


We interact by either drawing or writing on the whiteboard, typing messages in the chat box or speaking on the microphone, but we can't see each other. The classes are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon, for 2 hours every day with a deserved break of hour.


On Monday and Tuesday during the 1st hour we have Literacy and in the 2nd it is Maths and on Wednesday we have the 1st hour Science and the 2nd hour History. And on Friday we have Spanish.


During the Literacy hour we usually start with grammar, spelling or punctuation then learn how to write a story or fables, about famous Novel authors, etc. This week we have learned how to write a recount and talked about a sport report.


Maths is the second hour on each of the first days and it is my favourite subject. I love Maths.

This week we did lots of problem solving, multiplication and division, factors, strategies to find the answers (like doubling!), and lots more.


On Wednesday was Science. We learned about The Human Body Bones. Did you know that:


Fridays is Spanish day, our extra curriculum class, which Briteschool offers for free to their students. We could learn Japanese too but I think we will stick with Spanish as is what we need as we live in Spain.


Finally I would like to say that Briteschool is a very good online primary school and it is the only one in Europe offering primary education in English. I learn a lot.


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