Why I love going to Briteschool Primary.


By Isalen.

My name is Isalen and I am 10 years old. I have been home educated all my life. I joined Briteschool Primary when I was nine, so I could enjoy learning new things in a classroom with my friends, but still be at home. Briteschool Primary is an online primary school. There are six children in my class, Emma, Charlie, Poppy, Jennifer, Kevin and me.

We always have the same teacher, Carol. Briteschool Primary is on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon between 1.30 and 4pm. We have a break between 2.30 and 3pm. I wear a headset so I can talk to my teacher and I can hear what she says. Sometimes when we do reading it is funny when I get tongue tied and everyone laughs. We can write on the whiteboard, I like using the pointers best. We can also see presentations which make the lesson really interesting.

I really enjoy English and Maths which are on a Monday and Tuesday. I like the number puzzles the best. We get to do lots of reading and Carol gives me the big long words to read. I am getting much better at reading them now.

My favourite day is Wednesday when we do Science and History. I enjoyed doing a presentation on a WWI tin box* while we were doing a history project on WWII. It was interesting and fun. I especially liked it when all my friends clapped me and told me I had done well. I am always sad when we say goodbye at the end of the lesson.

I miss school in the holidays but enjoy keeping in touch with my friends by email and MSN. Carol says my typing is getting much quicker because of all the emails I write.

I am really happy that I joined Briteschool Primary because Carol is a nice, kind teacher, and the lessons are really fun. We laugh everyday about something funny and I have learned a lot.



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