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Briteschool live online school offers Primary and Secondary education for home-schooled and expatriate students.

Experienced online teachers offer LIVE virtual lessons and tuition in Maths, English, the Sciences, French, Spanish, History and Geography as well as Computing and Art or Digital Photography.

Briteschool cyberteachers use a combination of microphone, text chat, a whiteboard, presentation software and weblinks to deliver their online lessons.

Why Briteschool ?

Briteschool is unique in the UK in offering live Primary support (from age 9 onwards, sometimes from age 8).

This British cyberschool is unique in offering attendance in individual subjects as well as in all available classes - and one-to-one tuition if required.

Briteschool offers accelerated progression to IGCSE in most of the individual subjects. (If Sammy is good at Maths, she can start the IGCSE course when she's ready, starting in other subjects later - saving her time and you money.  We have two twelve years olds on a specially-tailored IGCSE Maths course at present, for example).

Class sizes are limited to thirteen students in Secondary classes, ten students in Primary, and are usually in the range five to eight students.

Most of Briteschool's lessons are recorded - if your child joins part way through the year, old lessons could be viewed.  If your child is absent, s/he could watch the recording later.  At exam time, the recordings can be used for revision purposes.  The question "what is my homework ?" need never be heard again: "check the recording, Tommy !" is the standard reply.

All Briteschool's lesson materials can be saved at the end of the session, to be accessed at any time.

Lesson slides and further materials are available at any time in the Virtual Learning Environment (our Community Area Login Required) or via the recordings.

This British e-school is unique in offering specially-tailored Common Entrance preparatory exam classes for two hours per week (by arrangement).

Briteschool offers in rotation the IT / Computing ECDL, our Digital Photography and / or Art courses as free options to all enrolled students, along with our extracurricular Activities Week at the end of each Autumn Term.

We have been offering a limited range of A-levels since September 2011.

Our teachers and support staff are all:



CRB (Police-)checked



Annual Fees:

Secondary 2,495* (IGCSE level, year 1)

Secondary 2,325*

Primary 999* Homeschool Support

8* / hour for one subject in a class

Individual Private Tuition:

normally 25.00* to 30.00** / hour

depending on subject, age, and numbers of students


Spring Term 2014 

Mon 6th Jan 2014 - Fri 28th March 2014

Half Term  Fri 7th - Sun 16th Feb

End of Term - Friday 28th March 2014   

Spring Break

Fri 28th March - Sun 13th April 2014


Summer Term 2014

Monday 14th April to Fri 27th June 2014

Final-year exam students leave school Fri 26th April for supported Study Leave

Secondary Parents Evening 

Thu 8th May  19:30-21:30  (exact date, time to be confirmed)

Summer Half Term  Fri 16th - Sun 25th May

Last Day of Regular Term Thurs 3rd July 2014      

Exams week (Secondary)

Fri 27th June - Thurs 3rd July 2014


2013/14 Timetables:

IGCSE / A-level  Pre-IGCSE / Junior Secondary  Primary             Printable version

Spring Term amendments:

Junior Geog starts 08:00 (Mondays)

IGCSE Maths - Higher Monday / Wednesday 10:45

IGCSE Maths - Foundation Monday 10:45 / Friday 10:45

possible change to Business Studies IGCSE after Half Term


Legals / T&C

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Live demonstrations:

Click Classroom demo

to arrange a time to have a teacher show you / the potential student around.

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Briteschool (TM) is a live, online school following closely the British National Curriculum as a means to help students who may wish to go back into mainstream education at any time, or who wish to go on to do IGCSEs at Briteschool. At present, Exam students start the International General Certificate of Education courses (IGCSEs) every September for two years.  Places are limited to twelve students in each cohort.

Students who wish to join only one or two subjects may do so, as long as there is available space in the class.  We encourage children who are having a Home Education and who want part-time extra Maths assistance to apply.  In particular, the lessons taken by children of Upper-Years Primary age are designed in this way.  This suits flexi schooled students in particular.  Students who are undertaking correspondence courses from other providers (for example, with Primary Home Education UK) may also wish for extra support for their studies.

Briteschool, the British E-School, caters for those who wish to prepare for the Common Entrance examinations, in particular the 13+ Examination from ISEB.  For students wishing for post-16 / post-IGCSE provision, Briteschool has adopted a limited range of A-level subjects from September 2011.

As well as being a Virtual inter High School (VHS), Briteschool is a Virtual Primary School (VPS), and a Virtual Night School (VNS) - the first college in the UK to offer virtual synchronous pedagogy to this range of pupils.


Students have regularly completed coursework and assignments to help study for the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence).  ECDL courses have been running in the Briteniteschool since April 2007.  Registration with your local BCS centre is necessary for testing and certification - we suggest you follow the online testing regime, if it is available.

We also offer an increasing range of "extracurricular activities", including spoken Spanish, an hour a week of Japanese has run in the past, a Digital Photography course runs regularly, Art classes have been scheduled.  We also have our Briteschool Activities Week every December, and the students run an occasional Newspaper and have put on short "radio" plays.  As we grow, the number of these activities should increase.


Many of the students at Briteschool are being Home Educated, and their geographic location is diverse.  A few attend for only two hours per week; other homeschooled children and young adults attend in the afternoons (GMT / BST) for private lessons - one-to-one, or in small groups (for example, we have had private Art and Web-design classes, and have regular English Literature IGCSE classes by arrangement).  We hope to extend the range of subjects available to all students, and also the numbers of courses available by tuition and at the Briteniteschool Synchronous Distance Learning Centre.

As well as being qualified and experienced educators familiar with the education systems in England, Scotland and Wales (as well as overseas systems, including the USA, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Africa, Cyprus, France and the Middle East), two of our teachers have been Examiners and Moderators for their subject areas; two teachers / lecturers have NVQ Assessment Qualifications, D32 and D33, for Vocational Skills Assessment; we also have a range of other qualifications including Online Mentoring, TEFL / EFL and an MBA between us.  See our online CVs for further details.

Oh, and one more thing - don't send your child to ordinary school: save 1,300 or 1,200 per year (figures to be taken with a little salt, perhaps). 


Please browse the website under the page headings, and feel free to contact us with any issues, comments or ideas !

If you wish to work with us, or provide us with a service, please fill out the same contact form.

* NOTE: These prices represent the price for taking all six subjects for the full year.  Charges are approximately pro-rata for fewer subjects and / or for shorter amounts of time at Briteschool.  An extra Compliance Fee of 99.00 per student per term will be charged to Educational establishments and Local Authorities wanting Attendance Figures and Targets providing on a regular basis, for example.

** NOTE: Tuition may be more than 30.00 for certain subjects or levels - "A"-level, for example, is usually around 35.00 per hour; significant discounts are available for pairs or small groups of students being taught together (four students = 10.00 each/hour, for example).