Secondary Fees

Secondary Schooling:

4 x mornings (GMT) per week (3 x 1-hour lessons, 10 or 12 hours per week total)

3 x 3-month terms - Autumn, Spring and Summer

IGCSE Lower secondary / CE Tuition


Exam Classes (IGCSE)

2,495* for one year of IGCSE (courses take 5 terms and one month)

(6 subjects FROM - English Language, Maths, Double Science (counts as two subjects), French, History, Geography).

OR    850* / term in advance

        285* / month or for a 4-week trial  (9 x monthly payments = 2,565* total)

        26*  non-participative Guest status (non-refundable enrolment fee) for one week


Thus, for the whole IGCSE course, fees amount to:

                    2,495*        first year

                       1,700*        two terms

                       285*        one month   

                        4,480*           for six subjects (two year courses)


(less than 750 per subject, 130+ hours of teaching - less than 6 / hour)


Students could also study for the ECDL (IT) as part of this 2-year course; there would be some small costs (for example, the Log Book and continuous-testing fees) in addition to the fees above.




Spanish and other IGCSEs are or could be made available, at extra cost.


NOTE: the student would have to register for and sit examinations at their home location - this would also incur extra costs.

Exam arrangements with a local school (private ones are usually more accommodating), college, or "British Council" should be done well in advance (at least a year is best).  Some Local Authorities may provide assistance or advice (but most won't).





Lower Secondary / Common Entrance

2,325* Secondary 1 - 3 (Years 7-9) / Common Entrance.

(6 subjects - English Language, Maths, the Sciences, French, Geography / History)

OR    775* / term in advance

        260* / month x 9 monthly payments

OR    195*/ month x 12 monthly payments

        26*  non-participative Guest status (non-refundable enrolment fee) for one    

                    week or to be added to a one-month trial (if available)

Opportunity to study the ECDL is offered at no extra charge, but there are costs (Log Book, continuous-testing) in addition to Briteschool's fees.



Tuition / extra subjects:

Optional subjects available on request and if there is sufficient demand.

German, Chinese, Business Studies have all been requested.


up to 30.00** / hour one-to-one (depending on age, subject, and availability)

up to 16.50** / hour 2-to-1 ; up to 12.50** / hour 3-to-1 ; 8** / hour otherwise.


** to IGCSE level*; "A"-levels or professional courses would be in excess of this*.



If these payments schedules don't suit your particular circumstances, contact Dom Knowles the Headteacher to discuss other possible arrangements.




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