Science Methodology

Biology, Chemistry and Physics                                Recommended texts
(including Astronomy and Earth Sciences)

Introductory Sciences is cycled over a two to three year period, covering but not limited to the main requirements for the Common Entrance Examinations and the SATs tests in the UK. The course emphasises fun, including many (safe) home-performed experiments. These require getting inexpensive and easily-found kitchen chemicals and outdoor objects for the student's use !

The main classes visit topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (including Astronomy and Earth Sciences) in rotation over a two-year cycle. Exam Students focus on the IGCSE system (support for Double Award Science is the focus, but students may wish to take separate subjects, such as all three sciences, or, say Chemistry and Biology only - any alternative is encouraged, and advice can be offered).

The aims of the Science courses are to build up Students' scientific knowledge and understanding, applying scientific concepts to solve problems. Where possible, problems of a practical nature are given; or else, video clips from websites are accessed and displayed.

The practical exercises are the mainstay of the Sciences provision. On average the Students get a practical exercise every two or three sessions (depending on the particular part of the curriculum, and progress through the material).


As in other subjects, the classes are led by the teacher using the microphone (backed up by text, whiteboard and presentation software).  The students respond with a combination of short texted answers, responses over the microphone, and on the interactive whiteboard.  Frequent dipping into other websites for materials (especially pictures, text, and video-clips) is the order of the day in Science lessons !


Home assignments are set most weeks; these are marked and prompt feedback is given to the student.


As much "Guided Work" as the student wants is set, to stretch the student, and to cover additional non-core topics.  (As Science is such a vast area, these non-core topics could take up the same amount of time again as the lesson and homework - but coverage of ALL "Guided Work" is optional, but encouraged.)


Projects are also set to encourage self-learning, and for the students to present subsequently to their classmates.


Sample lesson slides here.


Science National Curriculum (UK) link.





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