The English courses aim to build up Students' linguistic knowledge, understanding, correct and more sophisticated usage of their mother tongue or as a second languageNon-native speakers are given extra support, as well as extra English as a Foreign Language lessons (if necessary) to help them to match their peers.

Student-led teaching is an important consideration, together with family consultation.  Thus, topics will tend to favour the interest of individual members of the class much more in the small classroom setting of Briteschool.

As in other subjects, the classes are teacher-led -  using the microphone (backed up by text, whiteboard and multimedia software).  The students respond with a combination of short written answers, verbal responses, and using our interactive whiteboard.  Frequent dipping into other websites for materials (especially pictures, text, and video-clips) is usual in English lessons at Briteschool !


Homework is set most weeks; this may be shorter or longer exercises, usually completed in a word-processing package.  After submission, they are marked and prompt and clear feedback is given to the student, and to the parent / guardian on a less-frequent basis, or as requested.


For extra practice in areas of weakness, some additional "Guided Work" may be set; or such work may be set to stretch the student, and to cover additional non-core topics. 


To encourage self-learning and also the skills involved in group working and cooperation, several short projects are also set over the year.  These the students may present to their classmates at a later date.


National Curriculum (UK) link.





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