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Owing to the nature of Briteschool, computer-related skills will be developed extensively in all our students.  In addition to the lessons taking place using different forms of interactive technology, written work is shared and completed using word-processing software; scientific and mathematical calculations and data presentation will be shared and completed using spreadsheet software; projects and illustrated coursework will be completed using graphics editing and presentation software. 


In order to structure the acquisition of ability to use the various forms of software, students are strongly encouraged to complete self-teaching exercises, and submit them for appraisal and feedback.  Three of these starter exercises are downloadable from the links below.  Why not avail yourself of these freebies NOW, and get a feel for how we teach and respond at Briteschool ?!


Self-teaching exercises in the use of word-processing applications are available:

(Thanks to my student Zack for helping "road-test" these exercises !)

Download these for FREE, print them, and try to complete them in your word-processing software exactly as they are shown on your printed page.  Print of a draft, to check, then adjust to make an identical copy.

Students enrolled at Briteschool can have these reviewed and corrected for free, on a two-week cycle of submission and feedback.  If you are not enrolled at Briteschool, have them marked for 5.00 each submission - or request the answer scheme for FREE !


Exercises on spreadsheets are incorporated in Maths and Science lessons, with a useful "Microsoft Excel" functions sheet included here:



A bespoke Touch Typing software package can be provided on request, with exercises to encourage the students to learn how to touch type using the QWERTY keyboard.



Self-teaching exercises in presentation software are planned for the medium-term, although fairly extensive cross-curricular usage will be encouraged in the project work in individual subject areas.





We expect our students to reach a level of competency which would make them functionally-competent in four out of the five areas of the ECDL, and technically-competent by osmosis in about 50% of the other two areas.  We will encourage and assist our Secondary School students to obtain their "Computer Driving Licence" over a two- to three-year period at Briteschool, by filling in the gaps in the single lacking functional area (databases), and the two halves of the technical and knowledge-based areas.  (See article about 13-year old Beth, who has an ECDL here).





Website design and management is taught on a one-to-one basis at the moment, by our Art and Design teacher, Sarah.  For Sarah's rates and availability, please use the Contact Form, and we will pass on your request.


We also offer to provide supervised hosting experience, if a student wishes to learn about webhosting.  For example, our students ran the site for six months (until Sarah took over the design and management).



At present, there are no plans to support computer programming.





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