Note: these are all Java-script based.

Interactive Maths Resources


Secondary (KS3/4 or K12)

Circle Solver

Input: any one of diameter, circumference or area

Output: the other two (circumference, area or diameter).

Circle / Cylinder Calculator

Input: radius (circle); height (cylinder). 

Output: circumference, area (of circle); volume (of cylinder).  Shows the steps of the calculation.

Straight Line Calculator

Input: coordinates (x1,y1) (x2,y2). 

Output: formula of line, intercept, slope; formula of perpendicular and parallel lines also given.

Linear Equation Generator

TEST YOURSELF:  try to work out  m  and  c  when given a table of coordinate pairs for  y = mx + c .

Check Your Triangle*

Input: the three lengths of a triangle (calculated or measured). 

Output: the area of the triangle, one of the angles; also, the area of the circumscribed and inscribed circles.

*Whole numbers - decimals can give unusual results in some browsers.


Input: the times taken by two individuals to complete the job. 

Output: the time it would take for them to do it working together (assuming they don't fall out).

Quadratic Equation Solver

Input: a, b, c  for  ax2 + bx + c = 0. 

Output: two solutions, or tells you if none exist (imaginary).


Pairs Quiz - practice your factorising skills

TEST YOURSELF:  try to work out  X  and  Y  when given the values of   X + Y  and  X x Y .



Countdown  Countup  timers


Advanced (beyond KS4 or K12)

Cubic Equation Solver

Input: real and imaginary coefficients of x3, x2, x and constant. 

Output: all solutions, real and imaginary.



*Apologies that some of these don't render the way they should when using Linux / Firefox - we're working on it (popups are part of the problem).


Primary (KS2 or K6)

Fractions Calculator+

Input: any two fractions; add, subtract, multiply or divide them. 

Output: the answer (simplified or not) - may give top-heavy fractions (does not calculate mixed numbers).

+ sometimes gives unusual results if the answer should be zero: click OFF the tick, and it works okay - we're trying to sort it properly !


TEST YOURSELF:  generate your own maze, then try to solve it !

Two Spinners*

Choose your own spinner colours, then spin them to see what pairs of colours result.

The Green Crab Always Wins*

Choose a crab, then bet on it to see if it wins. Gambling is for losers I.


From external sites:



Excellent Java-based interactive drawing boards for Tessellation, Reflection and Rotation.

    Part of the site which has lots of resources (untested by Briteschool).


Draw and Print Simple Shapes

Excellent whiteboard that allows you to print or save as a .gif what you have drawn.

                            Maths Is Fun !

Also, many pages of notes and exercises elsewhere on the above site.



Mathematics Attainment Test
1 hour online revision and tests useful for Key Stage 4 / GCSE revision, with instant feedback. 

Revision and tests are randomised, so can be used many times. 

Note: give answers in their simplest form (so not 2.6 x 10^3 but 2600, for example).

Flash at Maths ?

TEST YOURSELF:  try to beat the top score !

Flash at Fractions ?

TEST YOURSELF:  try to beat the top score !

Flash After Winning Gold ?

Win Gold.  Buy expensive things with it.  Gambling is for losers II.

Imagine Logo Gallery - 21 visually-superior examples of Logo Turtle Projects, mainly KS2 Maths

Windows only, needs a small plug-in