Literacy Homework - New Cinderella




On the 7th June 1859, in a mansion called Liversdayle, a lovely little boy called Charella was born. When he was old enough Charella was made to do lots of different horrible things by his parents. He also had three royal guards that were always making fun of him or embarrassing him in public.


One day his parents got a letter that invited them, and only them, to a ball. Charella wanted to go as well but his father just said unpleasantly, “Son you are not coming, this is only for the rich and famous and YOU’RE not famous.” There was only one hour before it started and his lovely Princess Alice Maybe Big Finger was going to be there.


Then that very afternoon something magical happened, a purple and green magic frog came in through the window and started to make Charella’s rags into clothes suitable for a prince. That same night the frog also made a limo into Lamborghini and gave Charella the magical power to drive the Lamborghini.


“You must be home by 12 o’clock or the magic will be lost,” said the magic frog in an old croaky voice.


Charella went to the ball and danced with Princess Alice Maybe Big Finger. He was having so much fun he didn’t notice the time and time ran out. As Charella ran down the ball stairs his leather jacket fell off. He ran home, as his Lamborghini disappeared, and went to bed.


Over the next couple of months he did normal things not noticing that Alice was looking for him, then as magically as the frog had appeared to Charella it appeared to Alice and told her where to go and she found him. They lived happily ever after.


By Charlie

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