The Sneaky Cat And Trusting Dog

A cat went up into his tree house to get a book which he had left there yesterday; as soon as the cat stepped into his tree house, the ladder slipped and fell down. After a little while, a dog started to play nearby, barking loudly, the cat heard the dog and went to look out of the window to see what the dog was doing.

The cat saw the dog was by himself and said "Oh you poor thing” You haven‘t been invited to my party! Why don't you put up the ladder and join me?" The dog placed the ladder against the tree trunk and climbed up. When the dog stepped into the tree house, the cat suddenly dived past the dog and down the ladder. As soon as the cat had reached the ground, he grabbed the ladder and pulled it away from the tree house!

"Good riddance my dear friend" screamed the cat "You should have known NEVER TO TRUST THE ADVICE OF A CAT IN DIFFICULTIES. Ha ha ha" murmured the cat.

By Emma