1. A Healthy Plant

Leaves - They use light and carbon dioxide from air and water to make nutrition for the plant which is called photosynthesis.

Stem - This moves water and nutrition all around the plant the stem also holds the plant and moves it into the sunlight

Roots - The roots take water and nutrition from the soil the root also keeps the plant upright and steady roots hold the plant in the ground.

Flower - Produce seeds that form new plants.

2. The plant kept in the dark

Stem - Has grown in search of light

Flower - As the flower needs light to make nutrients it will not get any food and get hungry and finally dies.

Roots - Will get thinner

Leaves - will change colour and droop
When a plant doesn’t have any light it can’t make nutrients (photosynthesis) the plant needs water from the soil to survive, If the plant can’t get water it turns thin and turn a sickly yellow colour.

Plants take in water from the soil with their roots. If there isn’t any water the plant won’t be able to take in the water from the soil.

3. The plant on the window sill

Flower - because of the light the flower has made nutrients for the plant using the process photosynthesis.

Roots - get thicker by the nutrients of the soil

Leaves - get more green

Stem - Grows taller

When you put a plant on a windowsill it is able to get sunlight which lets the plant make its own nutrients (photosynthesis) Soil and water which is in good condition will make the plant grow healthy and strong.

This lets the flower get on with its job of making new plants.

by Emma, Briteschool, April 2008