Poppy Book Review 4th March 2008

The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

The story is based in a girl’s academy called miss cackle’s academy for girls. These are the names of the main characters:

MILDRED: She is clumsy, messy and forgetful.

MAUD: She is Mildred’s best friend and she is kind, tidy and thoughtful and a bit like Mildred forgetful.

HB (MISS HARD BROOM): She is strict and a bit mean but she does help the children because she is a teacher.

ETHEL: Mean, horrible, selfish and not Mildred’s first choice of a friend.

MISS CACKLE: Head mistress never shouts at anyone thinks of others before herself.

All the children have a kitten but Mildred’s kitten is not like the rest it is a tabby cat and all the other witches have black kittens. As Mildred’s school is a witch’s school she does not have the same sort of classes we have instead she has potion class flying class and chanting class. In the first part of the book Mildred goes to a potion class and they’re supposed to make a laughing potion, instead she makes a disappearing potion .Mildred and Maud take a small sip of the potion and in the next few minutes they disappear. In the story a wizard called the grand wizard comes to the school on Halloween and they’re supposed to fly on their broom sticks around the yard, but Mildred’s broomstick has been snapped in half. Ethel lets her borrow one of her spare broomsticks but she puts a curse on it so when she says faster the broom stick will fly very fast. Ethel shouts faster during the performance and Mildred’s broom starts flying faster and faster, knocking the other girls off their brooms. When that happened Mildred felt so guilty she flew away. She sees some witches in the Forrest and flew down so that they could not see her but she could see them. Mildred overheard them planning to take over the school so Mildred turned them in to snails and she saved the school.

I really enjoyed this book because it has interesting pictures and a great storyline. It is very amusing; this book can be enjoyed by young and old people.