Name Of Reviewer: EMMA Date Started: March 7th 2008 Date Completed: March 7th 2008

Title = Stargirl Author = Jerry Spinelli Publisher = Orchard Books

Stargirl Stargirl is a story about a girl that has been home tutored and has now joined the local school. She has a very different way of communicating with other children. Stargirls approach to school life is breaking all the rules without meaning to. She wears clothes that aren’t very fashionable, She takes her ukulele around with her, Stargirl often uses this to sing happy birthday to other children. She also takes her pet rat to school with her, in her rucksack. Stargirl amazes the other children with crazy and un-predictable activities such as dancing in the rain.

Word Difficulty = 3

Illustrations = There is no illustrations though it is not exactly boring without the illustrations as you can imagine pretty well what they would look like in your head so I would give this a 3.

What I liked best: I liked the weirdness and funniness of Stargirls activities

What I didn’t like: From my point of view I don’t see any things I didn’t like in this book.

Favourite character and why : My favourite character is definitely Stargirl, I like Stargirl because she is extremely different to normal book characters, I think this is because she is very lively and does lots of different and extravagant things, in other words, she always has different things to do.

Picture of my favourite character

There are no illustrations so I basically combined the picture on the front cover of the book and my imagination.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended = My Choice, its 5