English Homework book review

George’s Marvellous Medicine

Author Roald Dahl

Publisher Jonathan Cape

Story Line

This story is about a old grumpy grandma and a lovely little boy called George. Every Saturday is the same for George, his mum goes to do shopping and George has to stay at home with his grandma. He always has to feed the medicine to that grouchy moody old woman. One day, only one day George thought if only I could do something to her like put a firework under her chair then he thought of something brilliant,

I will make her a new medicine” George said, and so he did. He put he everything he could find in it and when he gave it to her she got so tall and so thin she went through the roof of their house. Then his dad saw what he could make and went mad saying

We can make millions from this”. Then they tried to feed it to all the animals that he kept and it worked they were all huge but then they ran out of medicine and had to try and find the ingredients of how to make it again. So George and his dad went around the house trying to find the things that he put into it and finally they thought they found all the ingredients but when they fed it to a hen it got smaller and smaller and smaller. Then they tried to find the real ingredients so they poured the mixture into cup and then grandma came along and drank from the cup she got so small that George couldn’t see her.

I liked this story because it is sometimes funny and I like the characters