A New Version of Cinderella

Once upon a time, in a land called Puttington, lived a little girl called Bella.

Bella had long, curly, red hair, her skin was as white as daisy petals and she was very pretty.

She lived with the six dwarfs, Grumpy, Bossy, Lousy, Stinky, Lazy and Moody.

They made her work really hard down a cold, dusty, dark mine.

Bella got an email from Ogre inviting her to a disco party at the village hall.

She really wished she could go to the disco and meet him.

The dwarfs didn’t want her to go to the party so they made her go to work down the mine.

When she was down the mine she found a rather small glass jar and inside was a teeny fairy called Bluebell.

In a squeaky little voice, Bluebell said to Bella,

You really want to go to the disco, don’t you, well come with me.”

Bluebell turned Bella’s yellow, miner’s hat

into a beautiful, sparkly tiara,

her dirty, dusty miner’s suit

into a trendy, lacy mini dress

and her clumsy work boots into strappy high heels.

But Bluebell, how on earth do I get there?” exclaimed Bella.

Pass me your rollerblades,” asked Bluebell.

Bluebell turned Bella’s rollerblades into a long, pink limousine.

I can’t drive.” said Bella.

Go and get Stinky and I will turn him into a formula one driver.” laughed Bluebell.

He won’t know the way.” worried Bella.

Bluebell turned her lipstick into a satnav.

You must be home before the last dance, because that is when I go to bed and my magic stops working when I go to sleep.” explained Bluebell.

At the disco Bella danced with Ogre all night.

When the last dance started Bella left the disco, without realizing she had left her tiara behind.

The next day, Ogre tried the tiara on the six dwarfs but it didn’t fit.

Bella tried it on and surprise, surprise it fitted.

Ogre asked Bella to marry him.

The very next day they got married.

Bella, Ogre and Bluebell lived happily ever after.

The End

by Isalen, March 2008