Goodnight Glowtry


By Kevin


In the great green Scallt,

There was a Ring’a’stone,

And a blue Flystallt,

And a Skut of a-


The Brilltow jumping over the Glowtry,

And there were three little Crawlts sitting on Mawlts,

And two little Barks,

And a scatray of Dlarks,


And a little toy Skour,

And a young Shtrour,

And a Struck and a Blook and a bowl full of Kook,

And a quiet old Skoblow who was whispering “Marook”


Goodnight Scallt,

Goodnight Glowtry,

Goodnight Brilltow jumping over the Glowtry


Goodnight Zick,

And the blue Flystall,

Goodnight Crawlts,

Goodnight Mawlts


Goodnight Barks,

Goodnight Dlarks,

Goodnight Mout,

Goodnight Shrout


Goodnight Mour,

Goodnight Shtrour,

Goodnight Struck and Goodnight Blook,

Goodnight noram,

Goodnight Kook,

And Goodnight to the old Skoblow whispering “Marook”


Goodnight Skyklars,

Goodnight Malscare,

Goodnight nocknos everywhere