The Better Knower

Nonsense poem by Jennifer


"Beware the Better Knower my son Cumcum.

He'll show off with his toelof.

He'll make you feel bad, sad and mad with his lad."

"I'll show you dad that his lad won't make me feel mad, sad and bad.

He won't show off with his toelof.

I'll show him what's smart, make him feel like a lart.

I'm going out and showing him what's mout."

And out he goes and shows the Better Knower his coes.

He came back on his noack with the Better Knower crying on his moecack.

"Oh Cumcum.

I love you mun.

You should it to him, you made him lin."

"I'm happy dad, I'm even cad."

The Better Knower never showed off with his toelof again.

And never made anybody feel sad, mad and bad with his lad.

Everybody lived happily with their shackily on their mackaly.